Tropic Journeys in Nature - Ecuador

Tropic Journeys in Nature - Ecuador
Ecuador Ecotours

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

About Tropic

TROPIC is an award–winning ecotourism company specialized in providing high quality travel experiences in Ecuador’s most spectacular natural areas in the company of its native peoples.

At Tropic we offer our clients an unforgettable experience in a culturally sensitive style, while contributing to the conservation and sustainable development of the places we visit.

TROPIC grew out of the need for a tourism operator which could demonstrate that environmental protection and cultural respect can be compatible with running a successful business.

While many of Ecuador's (and the world's) most valuable and beautiful regions are falling victim to insensitive 'development' at the hands of the oil, timber and monoculture industries causing a tragic loss of biodiversity, now more than ever it is necessary to create viable economic alternatives which give value to this ecological and cultural richness.

At TROPIC we believe one of the best ways of conserving an area - whether it be tropical rainforest in the Amazon, paramo grasslands or Andean cloudforest, mangrove forests on the coast or the incredible uniqueness of Galápagos - is by taking people to these areas to experience their magic first hand.

Our naturalist guides are bilingual experts and committed conservationists. They always work with a local or indigenous guide, both to provide the visitor with a higher quality experience, as well as to ensure that the people who live in these special areas are benefiting economically from tourism and thus have an incentive to conserve their environment.

The interest and respect which our clients show for these indigenous communities also strengthens values and encourages the survival of traditional knowledge which has suffered erosion and unappreciation for too long.

In other words, we don't see ecotourism as a catchword for enticing unsuspecting conservation - conscious clients, but as an ongoing project for sustainable development in the world's last remaining natural treasures which provides abundant possibilities for cultural interaction beneficial for both sides.

So with TROPIC Journeys in Nature, you not only get excellent professional service from our experienced multi-lingual staff, but also the assurance that your visit to the Galápagos, the Amazon, the Andes and the Pacific Coast is having a positive environmental and cultural impact.

At least 10% of our profits is donated to environmental protection programmes in Ecuador, through our related nonprofit Acción Amazonía and including The Cuyabeno Defense Committee, the Amazon Defense Front, the Amazon Environmental Monitoring Network, the Huaorani Peoples' Organization (ONHAE), the Huaorani Community of Quehueri'ono, the Galápagos Guides Club and others.

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