Tropic Journeys in Nature - Ecuador

Tropic Journeys in Nature - Ecuador
Ecuador Ecotours

Monday, August 30, 2010

Oyacachi Adventures

Oyacachi is the "The land of water", home to an array of adventure and cultural tours. Go for an exciting downhill mountain bike ride; trek pre-Incan trails and explore ruins; learn how the people from Oyacachi used to live; try fresh indigenous foods (cheese made that morning); and at the end of the day relax in one of the region's natural hot springs.

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Sustainable Development: since we started working in the area this is a very exciting period, the community is developing an exciting new venture with the support of USAID and an anchor methodology is being implemenented. We have travelled with leading operators to the site, check the following images:

First fam trip with leading british operator operator Journey Latin America, we were pleased to have Sarah Bradley, the company's managing director with us:

After that visit we have been travelling non stop to the site some more images on our latest visits:

Product Development:
Local Guides Trainnning course:

We will keep you posted on Oyacachi Adventures new developments:

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