Tropic Journeys in Nature - Ecuador

Tropic Journeys in Nature - Ecuador
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Monday, August 1, 2011

National Geographic Society/Buffett

We are very proud to be Moi's partners on this venture, Thank you to National Geographic and the Buffet Foundation.

Very special thanks to the people that hosted Moi while in D.C. and to the World Tourism Organization that within the Yasuni Program and a small grant project enabled our Conservation in Action Foundation to sponsor Moi's application to this prestigious award.

Some links about Moi's ceremony and press:

Moi Vicente Enomenga Mantohue was born near Coca in the Ecuadorian Amazon just as his family and the Huaorani were first contacted by American missionaries. Some of the clans cultivated this contact, but Enomenga’s father decided to find a place that was isolated, where he could continue to hunt, fish, work on his land, and see his children learn about traditional life in the forest. National Geographic

Press Release

Moi Enomenga, líder de la comunidad Huaorani y Presidente de la Asociación Quehueri'ono, fue el ganador del premio “National Geographic Society/Buffett” de 2011. El Comercio

Un ecuatoriano, líder de la etnia huaroani, ganó el premio National Geographic Society/Buffet al Liderazgo en la Conservación en América Latina. Moi Enomenga, presidente de la Asociación Quehueri’ono. El Universo

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